Drawing upon our extensive expertise in laboratory design and construction, we provide complete infrastructure, lab design and installation solutions. Our comprehensive services span from site supervision to consultation, conceptual design to turnkey construction, culminating in final validation.

We assemble a multidisciplinary team for each project, comprising specialized lab architects, MEP consultants, and experienced project managers, ensuring seamless design and execution. Additionally, we leverage our robust network of preferred local contractors and in-house labor, enabling a flexible approach tailored to the existing features of your facility.

Our highly qualified and experienced design team excels in meeting the stringent demands of industry standards. Quality and reliability are the cornerstones of our lab design, and the appreciation from our existing clients is a testament to our design and construction prowess.

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Infra Design and Comprehensive Electrical Engineering Solutions for Laboratories

Interior design and Electrical engineering are integral components in creating efficient laboratory spaces.

Infra Design: Interior design focuses on maximizing spatial utilization through strategic management, including flooring, painting, structural modifications, including drywall, glass partitions delineate spaces and facilitate efficient zoning. Execution of structural modifications, including demolition, wall construction and installation of lintels, installation of suspended ceilings to improve to improve acoustics, integrate lighting. Procurement and installation of specified door and window systems, blinds, electronic blinds, automated doors, ensuring compliance with fire and safety regulations., custom carpentry, office modular furniture, integration of identity elements, such as logos, color schemes, and graphics, into the interior design. Design, fabrication, and installation of wayfinding and identification signage systems, design and outfitting of collaborative spaces with appropriate audiovisual equipment and furniture. Planning and construction of efficient storage solutions, including built-in units and shelving systems. These elements ensure both functionality and aesthetics, integrating branding and signage for identity and wayfinding.

Comprehensive Electrical Engineering Solutions: Our electrical engineering services are meticulously designed to ensure safety and optimise power distribution for laboratory environments. Leveraging technical data on power consumption and critical equipment requirements, we engineer uninterrupted electrical supply systems to facilitate smooth and hassle-free operations. Lab safety remains our paramount focus. Our electrical services encompass Specification, procurement, and installation of uninterrupted power supply systems(UPS) to safeguard against power outages, design and installation of main electrical panels for efficient power distribution, selection and installation of appropriate MCBs for circuit protection and isolation, distribution panels, power and control wiring, cabling, trunking, conduits, phase and single-phase supply systems, specification and installation of industrial-grade sockets for high-power laboratory equipment, Integration of data and voice communication systems, including structured cabling and network infrastructure, design and implementation of energy-efficient and task-specific lighting systems, including emergency and safety lighting. Our meticulous planning meets regulatory standards and operational requirements, ensuring a safe and optimized laboratory infrastructure.

Integrated Infrastructure Solutions for Laboratories

Our integrated solutions encompass HVAC systems, utility piping, and fire safety to ensure optimal laboratory functionality and safety.

HVAC Systems: Our electrical and HVAC engineering solutions ensure precise environmental control, regulatory compliance, and optimized energy efficiency. We provide UPS systems and main electrical panels for uninterrupted power supply, MCBs and distribution panels for circuit protection, and comprehensive power and control wiring for equipment. Our services include cabling, trunking, and conduits for organized power, data, and communication systems, alongside phase and single-phase supply systems and industrial sockets for heavy load equipment. We integrate data and voice systems and design energy-efficient lighting solutions, including emergency lighting. For HVAC systems, which include models like Hitachi RAG118HFD, RAG318HYD, and RAG118HYD, we offer Air Handling Unit (AHU) design and installation, supply and return ductwork, and corrosion-resistant Galvanised Iron (GI) ducting. We install appropriate diffusers, outdoor and indoor units, Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems for precise airflow control, and activated carbon filters to remove gaseous contaminants. Our advanced HVAC technologies regulate temperature, humidity, and air quality, ensuring compliance with stringent standards for indoor environmental comfort and safety, creating safe, comfortable, and productive laboratory environments tailored to specific operational requirements.

Utility Piping Systems: We integrate water supply and drainage, compressed air, LPG, and specialty gas piping systems to meet stringent laboratory requirements.

Fire Safety and PA Systems: A comprehensive laboratory installation demands robust fire safety and public address (PA) systems to ensure a secure and compliant working environment. Our specialized solutions include the design and installation of fire alarm control panels, notification appliance circuits, and audible and visual devices such as hooters and strobes. We implement automatic sprinkler systems for fire suppression, along with clean agent suppression systems where necessary. Our expertise extends to integrating access control systems for regulated entry and exit management and ensuring seamless emergency response with fire alarm integration. We design and install smoke and heat detection systems strategically, based on detailed laboratory risk assessments. Our PA systems are engineered for emergency communications and voice evacuation, integrated seamlessly with fire alarm systems. Additionally, we deploy CCTV networks strategically to monitor critical areas comprehensively. Our solutions adhere strictly to industry standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance with both local and international codes. Through meticulous design, professional installation, and comprehensive testing, we deliver robust systems that prioritize life safety, asset protection, and uninterrupted laboratory operations.

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