Important Notes before you apply:

a) Your degree does not matter to us, but good marks may reflect that a person is able to take up a task (like examinations) and perform well at it or consistently. If not please feel free to demonstrate your skills to us – Write a paper, write code, design hardware. We expect you to have technical skills based on the job you have applied for and what you are passionate about – you can learn the domain with us.

b) If you need a Job just to pay your bills, or are looking for a 9 to 5 position, or a highly structured environment, or spend working hours planning what to do in your non working hours, or spend your day on Messengers and Social media – Axxonet is not the place for you.

c) Please apply only if you are really passionate about work, research, technology and are self driven.

d) We are a hands on company. We don’t have managerial positions that are not technical. Our top management also design and write code, and work on hardware designs, our Psychologists work on statistics. The exceptions are the Admin, Sales, Finance and QMS departments where non technical skills are required.

e) You will be expected to work on things outside your primary job profile. So a Psychologist or Software professional may have to help with Electronics, and an Electronics professional may have to collect data. We wash our own plates after eating – we pick up after ourselves.